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LOSER CHEMIE GmbH develops and distributes future-oriented and environment-friendly products, plants and processes, focussing on the fields of water treatment, auxiliaries for textile, paper and leather industry, but also we work on recycling of rare metals with strategic importance. Our range includes products, plants and services. Our current work is focused on recycling indium, gallium, tellurium etc. from thinfilm-photovoltatic waste. But we are already turning our attantion to the extraction of rare earths metals from the glowing white powder from energy-saving light bulbs recycling. We offer research and development services for this fields and we look for strategic partnerships for cooperations to save rare metals from hightech or greentech waste.                  

United over the fields of chemistry and plant construction, we are able to adapt our services in a tailor-made way to our client’s wishes and thus can guarantee maximum functionality.

Our main tasks are:

  • Production of PAC (polyaluminiumchlorides) and aluminiumsulfate
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Construction of polymeric solution plants and dosing plants
  • Desinfection 
  • Flocculation
  • Storing and dosing
  • Cooling and process water treatment
  • Drinking water
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Development of new recycling processes for photovoltaik waste, catalysts and rare earths


Our effort to always combine ecology and economy provides the highest possible benefit to both our clients and the environment. This we guarantee with our good reputation. Our close cooperation with German  and other European companies in our industry as well as with scientific institutions in the field of water and environment enables us to also master greatest challenges  in our search for problem solutions. As your competent partner for environmental technology, we are always at your disposal.  

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