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Wet strength agent


Based on melamine-formaldehyde


Hydrophobing agent


Anionic paraffin emulsion

Paraffin dispersion




Emulsion of vegetable oil (biodegradable)

Emulsion based on silicones (difficult to degrade)


Cleaning agent


Mixture of halogen-free solvents

Mischung anionischer /nichtionischer Tenside mit Lösemittel auf Basis von Terpenen

News & Termine

In 2019, the companies FRESITEC GmbH and Chemische Werke Tangermünde GmbH merged with Loser Chemie GmbH.

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The efficient and sustainable use of raw materials and resources concerns us all. And so we are very pleased that the Loser Chemie GmbH, which is also part of the LFFICIENCY Holding, has been nominated by the jury of the German Resource Efficiency Prize with the theme "Aqualux - photovoltaic recycling simply with water".

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At the invitation of the managing director of Smedic Technology Co., LtD, Mr. Weijie Shi, the managing director of Loser Chemie GmbH Ulrich Loser and chief technologist Dr. Ing. Wolfram Palitzsch to Tianzhu, China, near Beijing, to conduct joint tests and trials on various water treatment processes.

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Next week, the 2nd World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) will take place in Yokohama, Japan, on October 22-24, 2018.

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As long as there are solar cells and photovoltaics, the whole industry is concerned with the question of recovering precious raw materials.

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